Black Friday Discount Code

Posted on November 27, 2020

Black Friday has finally arrived!

With a discount code out there for near enough everything you could dream of, it’s a perfect day to grab a bargain! We are delighted to confirm Hastings Insurance Brokers are no exception. We are offering a €20 discount on any new Car, Van, or Home Insurance Policy set up. All you need to do is quote “BlackFriday” when speaking with us. This discount code will be valid until the 11th of December 2020 but as an added bonus if you take out your new policy on Black Friday 27th November 2020 we will throw in a FREE Keycare policy.

Happy Shopping!

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If you are resident in Ireland with a UK / NI driving licence please read the following carefully:

The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) has issued a final reminder to anyone resident in Ireland with a UK / NI driving licence that your licence will not be valid to drive in Ireland after 31 December 2020

 While the UK has left the EU, a transition period was agreed that allowed for the exchange of driving licences to continue. That transition period ends on the 31st of December 2020. 

 It’s necessary to have a valid driving licence so you can legally drive in Ireland. You can do this by exchanging your UK / NI driving licence for an Irish driving licence.

 To exchange your licence, you must complete a licence application form and present it, the correct fee, and your UK licence at any NDLS centre. You must make an appointment online at to attend any of the 36 NDLS centres.

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Six Autumn Car Tips

Posted on October 7, 2020

The heat of summer is over and the deep freeze of winter is just right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to take care of your car for the autumn chill ahead.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your car for the cooler weather ahead.

Change Your Air Filter

Dust and pollen accumulate in your air filter all summer long and a dirty filter decreases airflow, horsepower, and engine performance. Autumn is the perfect time to give your car a breath of fresh air. Replacing an air filter on most cars is very easy; it takes about 30 minutes and generally requires no tools. It is one of the quickest, inexpensive do-it-yourself maintenance owners can do on their car.

Check the Battery

Extreme cold weather can zap car batteries of the power needed to start and run a car. Batteries older than 3 or 4 years are more susceptible to fail, especially if they are having trouble starting a car during warm weather. Have your battery checked by your local mechanic to make sure it is in good working order. Replace it if necessary. Also, don`t forget to carry jumper cables in your car in case your battery fails.

Check the Tires

Tires need autumn attention. Check your tires to make sure that they are properly inflated and have enough tread to provide sufficient wet traction.

Check the Engine

The oil, antifreeze, belts, and hoses should be checked during your autumn car check-up. Oil should be changed regularly to keep an engine running at its maximum efficiency. Antifreeze should last between 2 to 5 years, depending on the type. If it`s been a while since you`ve had it changed, take it to a mechanic to have it checked. At the same time, have your mechanic check hoses for leaks and belts for signs of stress.

Check Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid

Wiper blades tend to only last one to two years, so if they haven`t been replaced recently, be sure to replace them before the autumn rains arrive. 

Contact Hastings Insurance Brokers

If your car insurance is coming up for renewal this autumn make sure to contact us at Hastings Insurance Brokers, we can compare many insurance policies in minutes on one phone call to get you the most competitive cover, hopefully saving you some money just before Christmas!

By following these top tips, you will be less likely to have problems this autumn and you will be more prepared for winter. Safe driving.

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Tips to reduce the cost of car insurance for first time drivers

The summer holidays are nearing an end and in the coming weeks many of you will be driving back to college or perhaps making the journey for the first time. You might even have decided to commute. With remote attendance now playing a major role in the college year, having a car is a possible alternative to accommodation costs.

  1. Many insurance companies take named driver experience into account when you’re applying for your first insurance policy in your own name. Don’t forget to tell us if you’ve been named on someone’s policy, this can help reduce the price.
  2. The engine size of the car that you want to drive can have an impact on your car insurance premium. In most instances, a car with a lower powered engine tends to have cheaper insurance.  
  3. This might sound obvious but the safer the location of your car, the lower your premium will be. So if you have a driveway, use it and state this on your form – don’t just park your car on the road. Similarly, use your garage if you have one – you’ll reduce the risk of theft that way. Adding an immobiliser, alarm and tracker to your car will also reduce the chance of it being stolen and therefore bring your premium down.

First time driver car insurance at a reasonable rate can be hard to find. At Hastings Insurance Brokers we’d love to help get you on the road and get you the right policy for your needs. We also have the added advantage of searching multiple insurers to find value for your money. Call us today on 0818-911-222 or email