Schedule of Fees & Charges

(Effective 31st March 2020)

We reserve the right to amend any fees should the complexity of the advice require enhanced professional services.  We will confirm and agree any additional fee, as set out below, with you prior to any increased charge being applied. Any fee charged at inception of a policy will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

  Initial Charge Renewal Alterations/Cancellations
Personal Lines *Up to €250 *Up to €250 Up to €100
Commercial Lines *Up to max 100%


of Premium & Levies

*Up to max 100%


of Premium & Levies

Up to max 100%


of Premium & Levies

Life/Pensions/Insurance Based Investment Products/Investment Intermediary ServicesWe are remunerated by both commission and/or fees.  You may elect to deal with us on a fee basis as follows:  Up to €250 per hour (Senior Consultant) or €150 per hour (Consultant) and €100 per hour (Administration Support) spent for our services.  An Annual review fee up to 0.5% of the Fund may also apply.  Additional fees may also be payable for complex cases to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency of up €250 per hour (Senior Consultant) or €150 per hour (Consultant) and €100 per hour (Administration Support) spent for our services.  We will notify you in advance and agree the scale of fees to be charged.
MortgagesWe may receive up to 1% of the loan for arranging mortgage finance and charge a fee for advising and arranging your mortgage application up to €250 per hour (Mortgage Advisors) and €100 per hour (Administration Support).  Or, in the event we have not been successful in securing an Offer or you choose not to proceed with your Offer, we may charge you a one-off fee of up to €250 per hour Mortgage Advisors) and  €100 per hour (Administration Support) on  time spent for our services.   This will be discussed prior to submission of any loan application.

* On occasion we may need to charge rates different to the above depending on the complexity of the case.  Such fees may be charged from a minimum of €200 per hour to a maximum of €300 per hour.  We will notify you of these in advance.

Bank charges incurred by us will be charged to the customer.  The firm has a policy of charging an administration fee of €10 to cover the expenses of a returned cheque or direct debit default.  A charge of €20 may be made for duplicate documentation.

Any other fee charged by a third party/product producer will be levied as part of the transaction.